Public Holidays in Brazil

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Public holidays in Brazil list. Below are National public holidays in Brazil .

Public holidays in Brazil
Public holidays in Brazil

These are Brazil public holidays, national days observed nationwide in Brazil as declared by the Federal government or the supreme authority of the country.

Comprehensive list of public holidays celebrated in Brazil with dates (which may varies) and concise information on the origin or cause and meaning of holidays.


Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fourth-largest in the world in terms of coterminous area, after Russia, Canada, and China. It is located on the continent’s east-central coast.

Brazil’s public holidays are governed by federal, municipal, and statewide legislation. Although the bulk of public holidays are recognized across the country, each city and state may allow employees to take time off for local observances and religious holidays.

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Employees are allowed to have the following Monday off if a national holiday falls on a Sunday. General and state elections, which take place on the first and final Sundays in October, are considered public holidays.

Brazil is bounded on the north by Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana, on the northeast, east, and southeast by the Atlantic Ocean, on the south by Uruguay, on the southwest by Argentina and Paraguay, on the west by Bolivia and Peru, and on the north by the Atlantic Ocean.

Public Holiday

A public holiday, national holiday, or better still legal holiday, is a holiday generally established by law and is usually a non-working day during the year.

Sovereign nations and territories like Brazil observe holidays based on events of significance to their history, such as the National Day.

The public holidays are generally days of celebration or commemoration, like the anniversary of a significant historical event, or can be a religious celebration.

Public holidays can fall on a specific day of the year, be tied to a certain day of the week in a certain month or follow other calendar systems like the Lunar calendar, Islamic calendar and others.

Brazil Public Holidays

In the Brazil , a federal holiday is a calendar date that is recognized and designated by the federal government of the Brazil as a holiday.

Every year on a Brazil public holiday, non-essential federal government offices are closed, stock market trading may usually be suspended, and every federal government employee is paid for the holiday as well.

Institutions, such as banks, businesses, and schools may be closed on public holidays. In various parts of the country, state and city holidays may be observed concurrently with federal public holidays.

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Below are the list of upcoming official Brazil public holidays, bank holidays, government holidays, regional public holidays, non-working national holidays and probably sectorial holidays.

Holidays in Brazil

Jan 01: New Year’s Day

Jan 25: São Paulo Anniversary

Feb 15: Carnival

Feb 16: Carnival

Second day of Carnival. The streets of Rio de Janeiro erupt with colour and noise as Carnival ushers in the Easter period.


Feb 17: Ash Wednesday

Mar 29: Public Holiday

Mar 30: Public Holiday

Mar 31: Public Holiday

Apr 01: Public Holiday

Apr 02: Good Friday

Apr 05: Public Holiday

Apr 21: Tiradentes Day

Tiradentes Day in Brazil is a national holiday is celebrated annually on April 21st. It commemorates the execution of Brazilian national hero Joaquim Jose da Silva Xavier on this day in 1792.

Tiradentes Day

May 01: Labour Day

May 09: Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated across the world, in more than 50 countries, though not all countries celebrate it on the same day

Mother’s Day

Jun 03: Corpus Christi

Jul 09: State Rebellion Day

Aug 08: Father’s Day

Sep 07: Independence Day

Oct 12: Lady of Aparecida

Known as ‘Nossa Senhora de Aparecida’, it honours Brazil’s patron saint, the Virgin Mary Aparecida. Mary is honoured with a ten day festival in the city near São Paulo that bears her name

Lady of Aparecida

Oct 29: Civil Servants Day

Nov 02: All Souls’ Day

Nov 15: Republic Day

Marks the proclamation of the republic on November 15th 1889 when Brazil’s second Emperor, Dom Pedro II, was removed from power

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Republic Day

Nov 20: Black Awareness Day

Zumbi dos Palmares was a warlord in the independent kingdom of Palmares. This kingdom had been founded in the seventeenth century by slaves insurgents in the north-eastern Brazil. This day celebrates the first liberation of slaves.

Black Awareness Day

Dec 25: Christmas Day

*Meanwhile, if a non-working public holiday in Brazil happens during the weekend, then the Monday after would be non-working.

Brazil public holidays listed above

We hope that this list of public holidays in Brazil gives you an idea of which work-free days there is, being a citizen of Brazil or a visitor or probably checking to know which date is which.