Public Holidays in Ethiopia

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Public holidays in Ethiopia list. Below are National public holidays in Ethiopia .

Public holidays in Ethiopia
Public holidays in Ethiopia

These are Ethiopia public holidays, national days observed nationwide in Ethiopia as declared by the Federal government or the supreme authority of the country.

Comprehensive list of public holidays celebrated in Ethiopia with dates (which may varies) and concise information on the origin or cause and meaning of holidays.


Every year, the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia observes at least 13 national holidays. In Ethiopia, all national holidays are governed by Proclamation.

The majority of Ethiopian holidays are based on religious beliefs. Because they are calculated using the lunar cycle of different calendars, many of these holidays occur on different dates each year.

Ethiopian labor laws require all employees to take a paid day off on national holidays. This is true for all payment schemes, including those that are paid monthly. The laws also guarantee that anyone who is required to work on a national holiday due to the nature of their work will be paid twice their regular rate for all hours worked.

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Ethiopia (formerly known as Abyssinia) is located in eastern Africa and is bordered on the north by Eritrea, on the northeast by Djibouti, on the east and southeast by Somalia, on the south by Kenya, and on the west by Sudan.

Somalia claims the Ogaden region of eastern Ethiopia, which has been the site of sporadic military conflict between the two countries since 1961; the southeastern boundary has never been demarcated. Addis Abeba, Ethiopia’s capital city, is located near the country’s center.

Public Holiday

A public holiday, national holiday, or better still legal holiday, is a holiday generally established by law and is usually a non-working day during the year.

Sovereign nations and territories like Ethiopia observe holidays based on events of significance to their history, such as the National Day.

The public holidays are generally days of celebration or commemoration, like the anniversary of a significant historical event, or can be a religious celebration.

Public holidays can fall on a specific day of the year, be tied to a certain day of the week in a certain month or follow other calendar systems like the Lunar calendar, Islamic calendar and others.

Ethiopia Public Holidays

In the Ethiopia , a federal holiday is a calendar date that is recognized and designated by the federal government of the Ethiopia as a holiday.

Every year on a Ethiopia public holiday, non-essential federal government offices are closed, stock market trading may usually be suspended, and every federal government employee is paid for the holiday as well.

Institutions, such as banks, businesses, and schools may be closed on public holidays. In various parts of the country, state and city holidays may be observed concurrently with federal public holidays.

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Below are the list of upcoming official Ethiopia public holidays, bank holidays, government holidays, regional public holidays, non-working national holidays and probably sectorial holidays.

Holidays in Ethiopia

Jan 07: Ethiopian Christmas

Jan 19: Orthodox Epiphany

Mar 02: Victory of Adwa

Apr 30: Ethiopian Good Friday

May 01: Labour Day

May 02: Ethiopian Easter

Easter is the most significant religious holiday for the world’s roughly 300 million Orthodox Christians. In the bible, it is the day when Mary Magdalene found that an empty tomb in the cave in which Jesus has been placed after his crucifixion.

Ethiopian Easter

May 05: Patriots’ Victory Day

May 13: Eid al-Fitre

May 28: Downfall of the Derg

Jul 20: Eid Al Adaha

Eid al-Adha, the Feast of Sacrifice is the most important feast in the Muslim calendar. It celebrates the willingness of the Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ishmael in submission to Allah’s command, before he was stopped by Allah.

Eid Al Adaha

Sep 11: Ethiopian New Year

Sep 27: Meskel

Oct 19: Moulid

Celebrated by Muslims on the twelfth day of the month of Rabiulawal, the third month of the Muslim calendar


*Meanwhile, if a non-working public holiday in Ethiopia happens during the weekend, then the Monday after would be non-working.

Ethiopia public holidays listed above

We hope that this list of public holidays in Ethiopia gives you an idea of which work-free days there is, being a citizen of Ethiopia or a visitor or probably checking to know which date is which.