Public Holidays in Gabon

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Public holidays in Gabon list. Below are National public holidays in Gabon .

Public holidays in Gabon
Public holidays in Gabon

These are Gabon public holidays, national days observed nationwide in Gabon as declared by the Federal government or the supreme authority of the country.

Comprehensive list of public holidays celebrated in Gabon with dates (which may varies) and concise information on the origin or cause and meaning of holidays.


Gabon, or the Gabonese Republic, currently observes 12 national holidays. Many of these holidays are religious in nature and may occur at different times of the year.

Every year, the Gabonese government, through its Ministry of Labour, announces the official dates for the following year’s national holidays.

Gabonese labor laws state that all employees are entitled to a day off for national holidays. If their job requires them to work on those days, they will be given a day off in lieu of the holiday.

Public Holiday

A public holiday, national holiday, or better still legal holiday, is a holiday generally established by law and is usually a non-working day during the year.

Sovereign nations and territories like Gabon observe holidays based on events of significance to their history, such as the National Day.

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The public holidays are generally days of celebration or commemoration, like the anniversary of a significant historical event, or can be a religious celebration.

Public holidays can fall on a specific day of the year, be tied to a certain day of the week in a certain month or follow other calendar systems like the Lunar calendar, Islamic calendar and others.

Gabon Public Holidays

In the Gabon , a federal holiday is a calendar date that is recognized and designated by the federal government of the Gabon as a holiday.

Every year on a Gabon public holiday, non-essential federal government offices are closed, stock market trading may usually be suspended, and every federal government employee is paid for the holiday as well.

Institutions, such as banks, businesses, and schools may be closed on public holidays. In various parts of the country, state and city holidays may be observed concurrently with federal public holidays.

Below are the list of upcoming official Gabon public holidays, bank holidays, government holidays, regional public holidays, non-working national holidays and probably sectorial holidays.

Holidays in Gabon

Jan 01: New Year’s Day

Apr 05: Easter Monday

Apr 17: Women’s Day

May 01: Labour Day

May 13: Ascension Day

This day observes the departure of Jesus from earth after his resurrection. It is perhaps the earliest observed celebration in Christianity.

Ascension Day

May 13: Eid al-Fitr

May 24: Whit Monday

Jul 20: Eid Al Adha

Eid al-Adha, the Feast of Sacrifice is the most important feast in the Muslim calendar. It celebrates the willingness of the Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ishmael in submission to Allah’s command, before he was stopped by Allah.

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Eid Al Adha

Aug 15: Assumption Day

Aug 16: Independence Day Holiday

Aug 17: Independence Day

Nov 01: All Saints’ Day

Dec 25: Christmas Day

*Meanwhile, if a non-working public holiday in Gabon happens during the weekend, then the Monday after would be non-working.

Gabon public holidays listed above

We hope that this list of public holidays in Gabon gives you an idea of which work-free days there is, being a citizen of Gabon or a visitor or probably checking to know which date is which.